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The Rustikal Hotel sits in a unique location: directly in the middle of a beautiful landscape, scattered with hills, woods, meadows and ponds. Culture, entertainment, relaxation and nature, all this is within reach.
Telc (20km)   Pelhrimov (16km)   Jihlava (25km)
In 1992 Telc (6000 inhabitants) was entered in the UNESCO register and as such was placed under the care of monument preservation. The State mansion in Telc is one of the best-preserved renaissance style buildings in the Czech Republic. The renaissance interior is also very well preserved. The Lords of Hradec had the front of the building decorated with sgraffito plaster and in 1553 the interior’s were decorated with stucco plaster, wall illusion paintings (trompe l’oeil) and paintings with a limited number of colours (chiaroscuro). The main square of the town is surrounded by beautiful renaissance and baroque town houses.
More information is available at: www.telc-etc.cz
An old town that is worth visiting, with beautiful houses and interesting town gates.
The international festival of records and curiosities (for example drinking beer under water and driving a Skoda car with your ears) takes place here every year in June.
More information at: Pelhrimov

Jihlava (50.000 inhabitants) is situated in South Moravia. Not much has remained of the historical centre but you can still see many beautiful buildings around Masaryk square, one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic. Some renaissance buildings with arcades are beautifully decorated with sgraffito. The house of the drapery guild, which now houses the town museum, stands on the north side of the square. The well known composer, Gustav Mahler, was born In Kalište u Humpolce, 25km to the south west of Jihlava. Later on he moved to Jihlava and spent part of his youth there.
More information at: www.jihlava.cz
Jindrichuv Hradec (35km)   Cervená Lhota (25km)   Tábor (60km)

This town owes its charm to its location at the foot of the Czech-Moravian Highlands, on an island between the Vajgar Lake and the Nežárka River. Hidden behind the town fortifications this ancient town offers a harmonic renaissance appearance with medieval and baroque elements. After the hey-day of the drapery industry in the 15th and 16th Centuries, the medieval castle was rebuilt into a mansion in the Italian renaissance style.
More information at: Mesto Jindrichuv Hradec


This renaissance mansion, built on an island on a lake and joined to the mainland by a stone bridge, is situated near Jindrichuv Hradec. The mansion owes its name (cervená – red) to the red colour of the walls and the roof. You can see baroque frescoes, intimate baroque and rococo furnishings and beautiful tile stoves here.


The rebellion of the protestant Hussites against the Catholics and the German rule was concentrated in this town, which towers over the hilly landscape on the route from Prague to Austria, during the 15th century. The stone tables of the Taborites still stand on the beautiful Tábor square and there is a museum in the town hall on the square where the history of the Hussites and Taborites is explained in detail.
More information at: Turistická kancelár Tábor

Kutná Hora (100km)   Prague (120km)   Trebon (65km)

This town is an historical centre and a true gem. Kutná Hora has more than three hundred protected historical monuments. The Cathedral of St. Barbara takes first place among the many historical buildings. From December 1995 the historical centre, the Cathedral of St. Barbara and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Sedlec are all entered on the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage. Next to the last named church you can see the ossuary chapel, where a large part of the interior is made of human bones and skulls.
More information at: Mesto Kutná Hora


In Prague you can see many architectural treasures in hundreds of preserved mediaeval houses, palaces, mansions, churches and cathedrals. There are three important medieval building trends in the architecture of the town: Romanesque, Gothic and Classicism. Prague is one of the oldest and most beautiful metropolises in Europe.
More information at: www.prague-info.cz en www.a-zprague.cz.


A beautiful town, attractive to tourists, lies near the Svet pond. The Trebon square is very photogenic - with gaily coloured facades hiding various restaurants and stores. The Trebon mansion and the park surrounding it is also worth seeing.
More information at: www.trebon-mesto.cz of www.trebon.cz

Brno (115km)   Ceský Krumlov (115km)   Hluboká (90km)
Brno is the largest town in Moravia and the second largest in the Czech Republic. The town lies on the confluence of the Svitava and Svratk rivers and is the political and cultural centre of the South Moravian Region. Brno has a well-preserved historical centre and is famous by its modernistic architecture.
More information at: www.brno.cz

Ceský Krumlov (115km)
The most beautiful town in south Bohemia and entered in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage register since 1992. The enormous mansion of the Rožemberk family with its painted round tower towers above the town. The mansion has a taller and lower section and is surrounded by a dry moat. The International Music festival is held here every year from the end of June to the beginning of August and the Folk festival “Hurá do Krumlova” (Hurray let’s go to Krumlov) is held here in the middle of September.
More information at: Ceský Krumlov detailne


The Hluboká mansion is situated 8 km to the north of Ceský Budejovice and was built in the 13th Century. Protestants, who had to leave the mansion after the Battle on White Mountain, owned the mansion until 1622. The mansion was taken over by the German family, Schwarzenberg, who transformed the mansion into the beautiful building it appears as now, regardless of money or time in the 19th Century. In 1945 all Germans had to leave the country and the Schwarzenbergs had to leave not only their mansion but also all their property behind.
More information at: www.hluboka.cz.

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